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Lukas Sitanggang

Styrene Laboratory Chemist

“I believe joining Chandra Asri as an ever-growing company has sharpened my skills and widen my horizon. The working environment has been dynamic yet energizing with iSTAR value as a guidance for people in their daily life. I do appreciate the opportunity given to every team member to deliver their ideas and to broaden their knowledge through trainings, which in turn build respect and a collaborative team beyond gap generation and experience.”

Poppy Indah Sari

LLDPE Engineer

“Being a female engineer is not a limitation to work together towards common goals in Chandra Asri. It’s a very challenging environment but I get supportive team that accommodates my passion in developing my knowledge in Chemical Engineering. I was involved in New Polyethylene start up project in developing an operational plant from zero, it was a valuable experience that I have ever had. Chandra Asri also has Focus Improvement Competition that gives chances for engineers to propose ideas and learn more about continuous improvement. Chandra Asri is truly my growth partner."

Habibi Alisyahbana

PE Process Improvement Engineer

“Chandra Asri has a very good working environment to develop my passion. The clear career development at this company motivates me to do even better. In terms of employee development, Chandra Asri also has many development programs which I think are necessary for the employees. One of the opportunities that was given to me was to take part in the Practical Process and Maintenance Program (PPMP) which was a valuable experience that really supports my job. The iSTAR value at Chandra Asri also helps improve my performance.”

Luh Ayu Maharani Wiyasa

Olefin/PE Utility & OM PI Engineer

“I love the atmosphere of working in the field. Each challenge is a chance for me to do continuous improvement. Here in Chandra Asri, there are always learnings to take on, either new technology or personal development. I learn not just with each other but from each other. That’s how the collaboration in Chandra Asri pushes us beyond boundaries. As a female engineer, I have an equal responsibility and opportunity to do the work.”

Internship and practical work

Chandra Asri provides a platform for curious young minds to explore various field of work, unlock their potentials and help them grow before entering the professional circuit.

Internship or practical work is an introduction to the business program for students who will complete their studies with occupying a particular business unit corresponding academic field for a certain period of time. The program seeks to facilitate the students to learn and prepare themselves before entering the real world of work. The benefit of following the practical work in the Chandra Asri program includes:

  • Getting a valuable learning experience and a real understanding of the world of work as well as expand knowledge

  • Getting a lot of lessons about the petrochemical industry and Chandra Asri in particular

  • Accompanied by an experienced mentor

  • Getting facility lunch in the company cafeteria

  • Get a lot of new friends from other universities

  • Obtaining certificates

As for the registration process, can be done by sending:

  • Practical Work proposal (topics and periods of practical work) from school/university

  • For high school students who has up to 3rd grade

  • For diploma students who has completed their IV semester

  • For college students who has completed their VI semester

  • The field of education adopted in accordance with the business unit (user) which will be occupied

asked questions

  • Background

    • Support the program from Ministry of Education

    • Market demand for talent readiness to compete in growing and agile industry requirements

    • One of company’s commitment towards social responsibility and human capital management

  • Purpose

    • Provide financial assistance for scholarship grantee in completing their study

    • Prepare and provide opportunity for fresh graduates to be trained for highly selective and competitive talent market in the industry

  • Scholarship

  • Internship and Student Practical Work

  • Scholarship

    • Final year scholarship funding

    • Pocket money

    • Opportunity to do practical work and final examination

  • Internship and Student Practical Work

    • 1 – 3 months program

    • Alignment on job functional competency requirements with student curriculum

  • Scholarship

    • Administration Selection

    • Interview

    • MCU / BGC

  • Internship & Practical Work Student

    • Administration Selection

    • Interview

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