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The CAdemy

As one of As one of Chandra Asri’s most vital investments and inspired by our iSTAR values, The CAdemy delivers a people-first learning experience and career-focused outcomes.

All so you can grow what matters: essential and emerging competencies, performance and career progression, stronger partnerships and a growth mindset.

Specific CAdemies for focused growth

The CAdemy consists of: Core CAdemy, Leadership CAdemy, CAdemy of Business Excellence, and CAdemy of Manufacturing Excellence. With specific focus areas, each delivers specialized learning journeys and outcomes. Additionally, our digital platform Connect Learning offers critical learning content you can access anytime, anywhere.

A 70-20-10 blended learning approach

The CAdemy implements the globally renowned 70-20-10 learning methodology. Simply put, it means that the majority of our learning is experiential and collaborative, with formal learning practices as a supplement. We believe this blended approach is best suited to our organization—and you.

For learning journeys with business impact

In creating a proactive learning culture and a skilled, engaged workforce, The CAdemy’s ambition is to be an indispensable growth partner to our people’s learning journeys and our business’s growth.

Core CAdemy

Start here for essential skills
and a common knowledge base

As part of your onboarding, Core CAdemy equips you with the foundational skills necessary for a successful career at Chandra Asri.

CAdemy of
Business Excellence

Grow your business sense
with specialised competencies

The CAdemy of Business Excellence offers business-specific pathways to ensure you possess an actionable understanding of Chandra Asri’s business elements.

Its focus areas include Sales, Product Innovation and Customer Solutions, Finance, Supply Chain, Business Support.

CAdemy of
Manufacturing Excellence

Deepen your understanding of our what
we make-and how we make it

Our CAdemy of Manufacturing Excellence allows you to access specialized competencies, including technical skillsets, expertise and domain knowledge.

Its focus areas include Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering.

Leadership CAdemy

Make the leap and learn what it takes
to be a Chandra Asri leader

Our Leadership CAdemy is designed to identify, nurture and accelerate the careers of our next generation leaders.

Its four signature programs help you cultivate your leadership style, build high-performing teams and advance your success.

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