Our Vision

Be the best Indonesia tech company, who be a representative tech company from Indonesia in the World.

Our Journey

Our Story

IDMETAFORA - PT. Metafora Indonesia Teknologi

PT. Metafora Indonesia Teknologi (IDMETAFORA) is Information Technology Solutions specialist based in Jakarta & Yogyakarta, Indonesia. From the web, you found us, from the web we grew, and from the web, we will empower your business. We are open to being your business partner as a Web-based Information System Developer, with support team Internet of Things Developer and Enterprise Resource Planning Integrator we can give a one-stop solution for making an integrated information system in every organization.

IDMETAFORA was running a web development company since April 2014. Since 6 years ago we were serving web development, we had clients from Java, Sumatera, Borneo, Sulawesi, and some clients from other countries in Asia, Australia, and Europe. We are one of the big web development company from Indonesia.

With big dedication and passion in web development, we are rapid growth and always dynamic with the digital industry. We have a commitment to always bring the best result, the best services, and the best offering to every single IDMETAFORA Client.

Our Vision

To be the best tech company In Indonesia, who be representative tech company from Indonesia in the World.

Our Mission


To support our vision we have a tag line, “Empowering You!“.

Our Journey


    January 5th, 2014

    Our Founder Mr. M Abdurrohman Alhafidz create a concept to start new Web Development Business.

  2. Launching

    April 19th, 2014

    We start a journey as a newcomer in the Web Development Industry.

  3. Launch Product E-Apotek

    Sept 1 st, 2014

    Our team feels like fortune as a newcomer Web Developer in this industry. In a short time after we run the business, we get the trust to develop a complex system with who manages billions of data and Launch our first product, E-Apotek. Apotek Management system who manages inventory products, transactions, reporting, and others.

  4. Open Digital Marketing Services

    June 1 st, 2016

    Based on the request from our existing clients, we open services for Digital Marketing & Branding Digital.

  5. Launching Product E-Budgeting

    July 1 st, 2016

    One of memorable milestone to IDMETAFORA is when we launching new product to support Government in Indonesia, we build and lunch product E-Budgeting.

  6. Launching Product E-Project Planning

    Augustst 1 st, 2017

    After launch E-Budgeting, we launch E-Project Planing to support the government in Indonesia to planning cost and resources.

  7. Launching Product E-Controlling

    Des 1 st, 2017

    To Support and compeleting product E-Budgeting & E-Product Planing, we launch new product E-Controlling.

  8. Launching IDMETAFORA 2.0

    Jun 1 st, 2018

    It's like an achievement for us can still survive and give the best services to our client. In the six years, we carry the tagline "Empowering You" to Empower every partner, clients, stakeholders, and all elements who have relations with IDMETAFORA.

  9. Empowering You


    Now our team are still happy to Empowering & Support you with our services. Let's Make Your Idea Happen with Us.
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The Culture We Build in Our Planet


Deliver the best work and services.

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we only take a project that we can handle.

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Solving Problem

Be part of your business as a consultant.

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Time is money, we make it faster and improve it to be better.

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We love what we do.
We do what we love.

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For us, Innovation is a must to make business still relevant.

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Business with us is having fun seriously and seriously having fun. We believe, fun and positive environment make people more productive.

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Our Client's

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Jasa Pembuatan Website BUMN dan Korporasi Jasa Pembuatan Website Kementerian dan Dinas Jasa Pembuatan Website Professional Jasa Pembuatan Website Yogyakarta Jasa Pembuatan Website Yogyakarta Jasa Pembuatan Website Rumah Sakit Jasa Pembuatan Website Sistem Informasi Jasa Pembuatan Website Sistem Informasi Jasa Pembuatan Website Sistem Informasi Manajemen Proyek di Klaten Jasa Pembuatan Website Pemerintahan di Karang Anyar Jasa Pembuatan Website Professional di Yogyakarta Indonesia Jasa Pembuatan Website Professional di Jakarta Indonesia Web Developer di Jakarta Indonesia